Arne Næss - The Resurrection

The Theatre Festival in Fjaler 13. - 17. Sep. 2017


In accordance with Arnes' Deep ecology, Ecosophy T,  which he developed at his cabin Tvergastein at Hallingskarvet in Norway, our team of artists will develop an Ecosophy F during our stay in Fjaler. We will use Arnes' philosophy, relevant discourses, our own experiences from research trips to his cabin and rituals to resurrect Arne.


”To solve the climate crisis we need to change the way we understand ourselves and our relationship to the nature and life itself. A deeper argument based on the deepest values is required to solve this."

"Nature has its own value, independent from the perceived value it has to the human spicies. The diversity in nature has its own value.” 

Arne Næss


”The remarkable thing about Tvergastein and similar places around the world, is that they enable a life which is materialistically simple, but rich in purpose.”


“Tvergastein is extreme in many ways, and unsuitable for many purposes. The arctic climate, lack of roads and paths, the physically challenging features of Tvergastein, much allow for some few tragic consequences once you grow older. Along the edge of Hallingskarvet it is wild, brutal, cold and windy, nothing for the physically greatly impaired. Fare well Tvergastein! Others will live at you!” 

- Arne Næss


This is where Arne developed his deep ecology philosophy

Our process

We take the house where the writer Jakob Sande grew up in Dale as our point of departure. The writers house and its' surrounding garden is explored and animated through a cross-artistic culture. The audience may visit the project at any time during the festival, or experience it through one of our scheduled performances.



Arne Næss - Resurrection is a production that combines theatre, sound, installations, imagery and architecture. There is a tremendous width in our artistic team and we are proud to include so many individual artists in our project.


Ludvig Uhlbors

Playwright and director educated at KHiO and Dramatiska Institutet. Artistic manager and Kunstnerisk leder og playwright at Institutet in Malmö (2006-2009). Publisher at Förlaget since 2013. Author of "Gjord obrukbar".


Kjersti Aas Stenby

Kjersti is an actor and stage artist educated from "Akademi for Scenekunst" and KHiO. She has produced and starred in various productions amongst other places at Black Box Teateret, Teaterhuset Avant Garden and Scenekunst Østfold. Since 2015 she has been an actor at Kompani F by Whitelight Theater F in Oslo.


Arturo Tovar

Has his theatre education from Mexico, and has since taken further education at London International School of Performing Arts where he specialized in physical theater. In addition Arturo has a MA from KHiO in Oslo. He works as a freelance actor and director and gives courses in theatre and magic-clowning. He has worked with Sykehusklovnene, NIEteater, Erler Teater og Gorgon Produksjoner amongst others.

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Inspection Visit

Our artistic team visited the philosophers cabin; Tvergastein, in order to learn about deep ecology and to experience how it is practiced at Arnes' cabin. 

The experiences were used in combination with studies of photographical materials in the creation of the performance "Bli Arne Næss (Become Arne Næss)" which was staged at KHiO i June 2017.


BlackBox Performance

In "Bli Arne Næss" the artists investigated different methods for becoming Arne Næss. The defreezing and melting water collected at the cabin, and the manifestation of Arne through the handling of the actors bodies as a mask, were used in conjunction with texts reflecting on the research trip to Tvergastein. You can see the performance here

The commissioned piece premiering at the Theatre Festival in B, "Arne Næss - Gjenoppstandelsen (Arne Næss - The Resurrection)" takes our study of deep ecology one step further. Our artists will resurrect Arne in Jakob Sandes' house. A new deep ecological culture will be born, Ecosophy F.


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13. - 17. September

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